Flexible Dilator


Sold in Packs of 3

This unique instrument is a must for an Obstetrician & Gynecologist for office or operating room.

1. Autoclavable
2. Gas sterilizable
3. Soakable
4. Less traumatic to patient with stenotic cervix

1. Made of Teflon with longevity of stainless
2. Self-lubricating, malleable material
3. Three different tip lengths

Ideal Indications:
1. For office or operating room
2. For finding and dilating cervical OS, especially useful for cervical stenosis associated with the post menopausal patient
3. For Hysteroscopic and Endometrial procedures

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  • Dilators & Sounds
  • Reusable Teflon Dilators
  • Flexible
  • Dilator
  • Autoclavable
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Thomas Medical
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