HS Catheter

HS Catheter

These products, called HS Catheters / HSG Catheters / SHG Catheters, are used interchangeably for the x-ray procedure Hysterosalpingography or the ultrasound procedure Sonohysterography.  The HS Catheters and HSG Catheters are balloon catheters designed to seal the uterus during injection and provide a clear picture of the uterine cavity, with minimal obstruction of the internal os.

Two sizes, 5 fr and 7 fr, are available.  A Stylet is provided to add stiffness to either size. Also available is a sterile HS (or HSG) Procedure Tray to organize in one place all the items needed for either of these procedures.

As an option, Thomas Medical can package HS Catheters, HSG Catheters, or SHG Catheters with the HS Procedure Trays. The SHG Catheter name is usually reserved for a simpler catheter only used for saline injection during Sonohysterography, for example, the eZinject Catheter or the Sono-Inject Catheter. An SIS Catheter (Saline Infusion Sonography Catheter) is another name used for the SGH Catheter.

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