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Thomas Medical will no longer include printed Instructions for Use (IFU) with most shipments.  

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New Customer Information    

New Customer Information
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Products Designed & Manufactured for OB/GYN Professionals Product Booklet PDF
Thomas Medical Catalog Product Catalog PDF
New Distributor Questionaire  

US Distributors

International Distributors

Free Sample Request Form Sample Request PDF
HSG & SIS Catheters
HSG Catheter Technical Data Sheet PDF
SIS Catheter Technical Data Sheet PDF
HSG Procedure Tray Technical Data Sheet PDF
HS Flexible Catheters TMI1154, TMI1155, TMI1188, TMI1189


HS Shapeable Catheters TMI1185, TMI1187


Miller Advance Catheter TMI2000, TMI2001, TMI2002 IFU
Two Tap HS Catheter TMI1181, TMI1182, TMI1183, TMI1184 IFU
4.0 Uterine Injector TMI1153 IFU
EZ-Inject Catheters TMI1162-HF IFU
Sono-Inject Catheters TMI1170 IFU
HSG Procedure Trays TMI1157, TMI1160, TMI1161, TMI1198, TMI1199 Cervical Dilator IFU, Welch Allyn Speculum IFU, Tray Components, HS Catheter IFU (not included in TMI1157)
Uterine Manipulator Injectors
Uterine Manipulator Technical Data Sheet PDF
EZ-Glide TMI1171 IFU
Fertility Products
IUI Catheters Flexible: TMI1192, TMI1194, TMI1196
Shapeable: TMI1193, TMI1195, TMI1197
IFU | Technical Data Sheet PDF

Embryo Transfer & Trial 

FTR120, FTR320 Brochure | IFU
EVIE Catheter Kit Slow Release Insemination Kit - SRI Brochure
  Evie Demonstration Video Video
Electrodes - Loop, Square, Ball LE-XX-YYY IFU | Technical Data Sheet PDF
OB/GYN Essentials
Endometrial Sampler TMI1175 IFU | Technical Data Sheet PDF
Os Finders & Uterine Sounds




Cervical Dilator (Os Finder) IFU ​| Sound IFU ​| Printed Sound IFU

Other Downloads


Terms & Conditions Thomas Medical PDF
CRI Capabilities Booklet Full Capabilities for All CRI Locations PDF
Fetal Monitors/Dopplers
Toitu Fetal Monitor & Dopplers MT-516/FD-380/FD-390/FD-491/FD-492 Brochure
Toitu Fetal Monitor  MT-516 Specifications
    Operation Manual
Toitu Handheld Fetal Doppler FD-380 Specifications
    Operation Manual
Toitu Fetal Doppler FD-390 Specifications
    Operation Manual
Toitu Fetal Doppler FD-491 Specifications
Toitu Wireless Fetal Doppler FD-492 Specifications
    Operation Manual


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