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Thomas Medical, Inc. (a CRI company) is a manufacturer of disposable medical devices and accessories and a distributor of quality OB/GYN surgical instruments and other OB/GYN Products. For years, Thomas Medical Inc. has been leading the industry with high quality German Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments, specializing in female reproductive health while offering a wide variety of other surgical instruments. Most of the disposable medical products are manufactured at our facility, including Uterine Manipulators (UMI), Injectors, HS Catheters, and IUI Catheters, to ensure medical products that are made to the highest standards in the industry. Thomas Medical is FDA Registered and ISO Certified with an active Quality Assurance Department that is always focused on patient safety as their number one priority..


The Miller Advance Catheter

The Miller Advance Catheter is made with advanced features for improved patient comfort and a better chance of procedure completion.

Soft flexible distal tip
Cervical dilation introducing sheath
Shapeable memory sheath